Seated Shiva Figure (Price On Request)

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Very calm and expressive Shiva seated in a relaxed position with a worn-out headdress due to exposure to the sea breeze that occurred over many centuries; an unmistakable proof of authenticity. The facial expression denotes a state of eternal bliss and happiness. The serene expression of the lips and the relaxed pose of the body evokes the majesty of the Gods that control the Physical Forces to their free-will.

Shiva is considered to be the Supreme God within Shaivism, just one of the three most influential denominations of Hinduism.

The Vijayanagar Culture flourished in what is now Southern India. Their strong Hindu beliefs led them to years of war with the Muslims from the north, however historians agree that during a certain period of peace, both architects and artists from the north showed the Vijayanagar Empire the ways of granite masonry. This would lead to the creation of majestic temples with highly decorated columns and figures statues like this one.

This figure, created from granite, the hardest stone, which can only be chiseled with another granite stone or a diamond, proves the complexity of this craftsmanship.

17th Century Late Vijayanagar Dynasty. India.

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17th Century




18 × 11 × 33 in