Ballgame Player/Judge Terracotta Figure. Veracruz


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The figure sits upon a platform stool. It is wearing a waist belt with a long loin cover, a tall conical headdress with nodes, and a chinstrap that covers his mouth and secures the massive cap. His earlobes are pierced and decorated with massive earspools.

The face is painted in original black asphalt paint as he intensely stares forward awaiting his role at the ceremony.

The large hollow gourds were each originally connected with some sort of string, forming some sort of necklace. This part however, has disappeared over time due to weather conditions. Nevertheless, the holes were the string used to be can still be appreciated going through the four gourds.

The figure is expertly repaired from all original pieces and is pristine. The erratic position and expressive face makes this a masterpiece. It is one of its kind and would honor any world class museum.

Veracruz (600-900 AD) Mexico.

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600-900 AD




10.5 × 10 × 17 in