Asian Gold, Silver, & Precious Stone Necklace – 19th Century Central Asia


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Product Description

Central Asia, modern Tajikistan/Uzbekistan region, ca. 19th century CE.

A massive necklace, made of silver, with eight small gold plaques on its wide, multi-chained arms. These plaques have repousse birds, flowers, and vines on them. A huge silver scroll- shaped pendant hangs down from the chains, its base decorated with tiny dangling spherical bells, its rounded surface decorated with a large gold plaque with a floral motif. Above that are seven gold flowers. All of the gold ranges from 10 to 15 karats, while the silver is roughly 75% pure. Over two dozen rubies, a dozen sapphires, five emeralds, and assorted colorful glass and semi- precious stone beads form borders around the gold plaques on the chain, each tiny and round, creating a brilliant profusion of colors, especially when under a light source. Four seed pearls, two at the top of each chain, demarcate the two loops at the top that form the clasp. Size: 5.2″ W x 11.5″ H (13.2 cm x 29.2 cm); total weight: 272.15 grams

Provenance: private Davis collection, Houston, Texas, USA