Precolumbian Colima Standing Pregnant Woman


Figure; Pregnant Woman Depiction, Clay, Red Pigment. 

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This beautifully refined sculpture is burnished in a red pigment, the entire piece has a smooth texture and has a rare artistic quality of a fine variant style. The woman stands on massive thick feet, the toes with an unusual tear drop shaped recess separating each and the ankle bone depicted as well as the indentations at back of feet. Her arms are to her sides, panels of scarified dotting at the upper arm, tapering to disproportionately small hands with lined fingers. She is bare breasted, wearing a long skirt wrapped and tied ending on the left side, the lower belly very bulging, indicating she is carrying a child. At the head, she wears a punctated band holding the hair behind her ears, finely incised hair swirling on top and to the neck and extended ears with small piercings. She has a beautifully rendered and contoured face with thin slit eyes and mouth and a larger, yet natural, widened nose. 200 BC-200 AD. Colima, Mexico.  A wonderful example of scarce quality, the figure has light ancient surface deposits, and is in excellent condition, being solid and undamaged. Museum Piece.

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200 BC-200 AD




11 × 6 × 20 in