Magnificent Nine Quimbaya/Uraba Gold Figurines in a Gold Necklace. X-XIV Century, Colombia (Price On Request)

Nine Quimbaya/Uraba Gold Figurines for Necklace

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Nine Quimbaya/Uraba Gold Figurines for Necklace. The faces are typical of the Uraba Quimbaya style receive the most attention, that is why the hands are left out to avoid distraction from the faces. Each figure is slightly different in size. Four of the figures have two circular danglers. The sexes of the figures are undetermined. The artist modeled each figure in wax (the cire perdue technique), not relying on molds as in done in other cultures. The huaqueros who dig these figures up, don’t trust one another, so each insist on getting an immediate share of the booty. That is why collectors seldom see a complete necklace.

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