Large Tang Horse with Saddle


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A majestic gray pottery horse having remains of white slip and with a removable saddle. The muscular equine stands on four slender but sturdy legs, head held high and proud, small perked ears, cropped mane, intense eyes and lips parted as if braying. Fine attention to detail on the angular face and musculature. Reassembled from 15-20 original pieces with a few areas of minor fill, (to be expected on a horse this size). Saddle repaired from 8-10 pieces. All with restoration over the break lines. Extremely nice example.
Provenance: Collection of Dr. Edmund Bourke, Yonkers. Collection # CH 61. Oxford TL certificate included.

Culture or Country: China.
Period: Ca. 618-906 A.D.
Size: 25-1/2”H., 24” nose to tail.