Important Massive Gold Twin Deer Heads Pendant (Price On Request)

Gold Twin Deer Heads Pendant

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Particularly fine example of Precolumbian goldwork from the Veraguas-Chiriqui-Diquis region of western Panama and southern Costa Rica in the form of twin deer heads, The casting was done by a master goldsmith. There are no major casting accidents. However, like most Central American casters, he provided each deer head with two suspension loops. The insides of the loops have perfectly preserved, undisturbed surfaces with mirror smooth polish from many years of wear (care should be taken not to scratch the inner surfaces by wearing the pendant on a chain), The pendant was worn for a long time, possibly for several generations. The interior surfaces are very worn. The original texture of the cast surface (such as we can see in unpolished areas on the outside) has been down by the continual motion of the heavy gold pellets that serve as rattles. The pellets are very worn, most of the exposed features have been ground away. The lower parts of the rattle chamber, where the pellets rested most of the time, are particularly worn down. But it is interesting to note that there is considerable wear on the upper surfaces too. I think the pendant was worn by very active persons, probably men who ran a lot. Some of the stylistic elements are curious. The snout look pig-(properly peccary) like, but the ears are large and deer-like, and the flat tops of the heads are a strange stylization. The slit, colsed eyes may indicate that the deer are dead-Trophies peerhaps. The antlers were made as separate units before being attached, or of a material already gone. H:7.9 cm; 3 1/8″ W:11.84 cm; 4 2/3″

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