Mint Condition Countryside Villa – Ming Dynasty – TL Tested Pieces (Price On Request)

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Extremely rare Chinese model of a countryside villa for the royal courtiers and ministries of the Ming Dynasty -1368-1644 aD- showing 3 guest houses and one main entry. The Villa is surrounded by a cuadrangular wall painted with bucolic scenes of garden, mountains, and bamboo forests.  The roof tiles are glazed in green enamel  with yellow finials – as the ones in the forbidden city – typical from the Ming epoch. Truly a Museum Piece.  The doors swivel and are painted in ochre. State of preservation: impeccable mint condition with original paintings, all of the original parts are complete, except for one house which is missing part of the plinth (broken during transport). Each part has been tested for authenticity, consisting of 8 separate TL tests – one for each section.

TL Test No. 01B011116

TL Test No. 02B011116

TL Test No. 03B011116

TL Test No. 04B011116

TL Test No. 05B011116

TL Test No. 06B011116

TL Test No. 07B011116

TL Test No. 08B011116

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