Precolumbian Colima Woman on Bench


Figure; Woman Depiction, Polychrome Paint. 

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The highly decorated shaft tomb statue is made in a rare variant style with a light beige surface painted with black, red, and peach designs. The woman sits on a four legged stool, the left hand on her knee, she holds up a shallow bowl on her right, and sits nude. The shoulders exhibit bands of dotted scarified ornamentation, she has a low relief collar with further suspended ornaments painted to the front, a long lappet with ornament on back, the breasts with large circles, armbands in relief painted in red and brown, and various large to small diamond shaped or circular panels over the body. Colorful painting such as this is rare on Colima statues and depicts tattoos, body paints, as well as clothing. The figure is reconstructed across the entire statue and with much resurfacing, missing only one toe and one leg of the stool and appears to be from the original pieces. Colima, Mexico. 200 BC-200 AD.


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200 BC-200 AD




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