North African Spinosaur Medium fossilized tooth Early Cretaceous Ca. 112 to 97 million years old


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North Africa, early Cretaceous (Lower Albian to Lower Cenomanian), ca. 112 to 97 million years old. Tooth from the fierce Spinosaurus (Spinosaurus aegyptiacus), the largest known carnivorous dinosaur and one of the most mysterious to scientists, despite having first been discovered in Egypt in 1912.  The fossil has taken on a wondering palette of colors – wine red, mahogany, coffee black, and creamy white –  drawn from the dramatic geology of the region.

Condition: Some small areas or repair and restoration with small losses to peripheries on all. Nice deposits on surface.

Provenance: Ex Private Ventura County, California, USA collection, acquired prior to 2008.


Size: 10.00 x 2.50 cms