Large Matched Nayarit Pair


Large Matched Nayarit Pair

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The impressive matched shaft tomb figures stand with presence and color. He, a highly decorated warrior, and she, a food bearer. The male exudes presence and exhibits many rarely seen traits. He wears a conical cap with a front lappet that is the flayed skin and head of a small dog; the large nose bares a crescent shaped nosering; a series of looped ear ornaments flare from the ears; wears a small loin cover; and boldly stands threateningly with his club. Such long clubs were made from large obsidian cores which were flaked to spikes on either end so the warriors could both strike and stab fiercely with them. Upon the backside he wears a large panel with a flange guarding the neck; two sets of spikes, which are probably the wood sides of a burden bag, and a rare and unusual relief of a round headed infant with arms out and legs spread. In an unusual combination of traits, he appears to be both warrior and burden bearing father. The face is heavily ornamented with tattooing. She stands upright with ribbed head wrap, a series of noserings, many strung ornaments suspended at the ears, wearing a necklace, decorated skirt, and holding a jar upon the right shoulder. Both figures are highly painted with body tattooing and textile designs in cream, black, and yellow on the buff reddish ground. The male has an expected few areas of repair including modern material added to both feet as well as both arms and the staff each reconnected cleanly in one place. The woman has only minor nicks to areas on the feet and left hand. Exhibiting strong, all original paints and heavily covered with ancient deposits, the pair makes a dramatic presence.

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200 BC-200 AD




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