A Large Apulian Bell Krater, Magna Graecia 350 BC


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A very nice and lovely example, red-figure painted, pottery wine mixing bowl, standing on a graceful pedestal foot which supports the bell shaped body with two opposing handles beneath the flared, wide rim. The main scene shows a standing, nude, winged Eros holding a situla in his lowered left hand, his right grasping a wreath, extended towards a maiden who charges away from him. She holds a stalk of wheat in her left hand and a tambourine in her right and is clad in a one-shouldered, draped garment. Filler in the field, palmettes under the handles and the workshop painted reverse with typical two standing, toga clad youthful men, each with a staff. Greek key border below, and laurel leaf border above. Reassembled from mostly large, original pieces, just about complete with very little fill other than in the breaklines, and with restoration over the lines. Provenance: Ex. Royal Athena Gallery, NYC.

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350 B.C.


Magna Graecia, South Italy


16 × 15 in