Gold Quimbaya Necklace with Six Frogs in a Gold Bead Necklace. X-XIV Century, Colombia(Price On Request)

Gold Quimbaya Necklace with Six Frogs

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Gold Quimbaya Necklace with Beads In The Shape Of Six Frogs of delicate and slender shape with a beautiful gold color and patina, very nice expression with two narrow lines on the back, segmented by horizontal lines. The frogs are associated to fertility rights and reborn myths. It is very difficult to find a complete set of frogs from the same collar, because mostly, once found, they got dispersed in different owners. The golden beads in between the frogs are original precolumbian pieces from necklaces. Frogs were revered and depictedby most Precolumbian cultures as symbols of water and rain which farmers depended for their crops.

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